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How to join the agency as a client

How to enrol

Thinking about participating in individual therapy or group therapy? Here are some simple steps to get you going.

1. Call our office 604-682-6482  to schedule an intake appointment. We have two victim services workers on site who will help you with filing a police report or file for provincial compensation if you are interested. (Please call for an appointment as we may be too busy to help you if simply walk in). If you have a preference for a male or female intake worker please specify during your call. A referral is not necessary for our program.

2. The goal of an initial intake is to gather basic information for possible referrals  and to determine some of your goals in joining our agency. This will help us match you with a therapist that will work for you. Please note that all information given will be confidential.

3. At the end of your intake appointment, you will be quoted an approximate time when your therapist will be in touch with you to schedule your first therapy appointment.

What is the fee for counsellors?

Although we are a non-profit society, our therapists are not funded by the government and registered clinical counsellors are at a rate of $85 per session. A sliding scale limited to a set minimum may be negotiated based on current income.

What if I can’t afford the minimum rate for a registered clinical counsellor?

There are Master’s level practicum students supervised by a registered clinical counsellor who will be able to see you below the minimum rate of a therapist or whatever you can contribute. While many of our clients are experiencing financial difficulties, we do ask that some contribution be made even at a lowered cost. To learn more about our practicum students click here.

Are there any programs that will fund for therapy?

There are several programs in BC that provide compensation for victims of crime towards their recovery . Look under the “for survivors” tab for details on options.

Crime Victim Assistance Program (details can be found under provincial compensation programs under our “for survivors” tab). The crime would have to had occurred in BC to be eligible (police report is not mandatory). Decisions for approval or denial will take approximately 6 months.

Residential Historical Abuse Program. This program is for BC residents that were in the ward of the province when the crime occurred. Ward of the province means that you were in a foster home.

If the crime occurred in another province outside of BC, please click here to check if you are eligible.