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BCSMSSA has been active in connecting with media on raising awareness and discussing topics surrounding male sexual abuse and domestic violence. For an archive of articles from the past, please look below for links to each.

BCSMSSA has been featured in the following publications: Huffington Post, CBC radio, CBC News, The Prince George Citizen, The Province, Co-op radio, The Globe and Mail, News1130, The Langley Times and BCIT Broadcast News.

For media enquires, please email victimservices@bc-malesurvivors.com


Media Archives


Award of Distinction 2017

This premier award honours the extraordinary lifetime contribution and commitment by a practitioner, volunteer or group to crime prevention and community safety. The award was established in honour of Anthony J. Hulme for his role as a pioneer in crime prevention and community safety in British Columbia. Anthony was one of the original founders of the BC Crime Prevention Association.

Radio Interview – Stereo Typed #20

Here is our posting for this show. This links to the Stereo Typed Show’s Speaker page.

Stereo-Typed Radio Show

Stereo-Typed Radio Show


Proclamation 2017

We have made progress towards increasing awareness of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. There is a video in our posting from the Port Moody Council meeting for 2017. This is something we do yearly and we appreciate all the support we get to help.


The Province Newspaper on March 18th, 2015

Executive Director Don Wright speaks to The Province Newspaper about Sextortion.

sextortion blackmail

Online Blackmail


Co-op Radio on December 12, 2013



Executive Director Don Wright chats with Skyy from Co-op radio about male sexual abuse.

Click here for link to audio and select December 12th.


The Province Newspaper on July 5, 2013


Anti-abuse campaign launched By: Sarah Taguiam

“You almost never hear anything about it but sexual abuse against men in Vancouver is on the rise,” said Don Wright, founder of the B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA).

Click here for the link to article.


New1130 on March 26. 2013


Group wants to reduce stigma around sex abuse against men By: Jesse Johnston

“A lot of people don’t even think it happens and it happens a lot more than people in the profession even realize,” Executive Director Don Wright tells News1130.

“I would say, probably, about one in four men are the victims of sexual abuse sometime in their life.”

Click here for link to the article.


Castanet News BC on March 2, 2013


Victims of crime campaign launched By: Adam Proskiw

We believe that the VictimLink BC awareness campaign will help us to reach more male survivors of sexual abuse,” said Executive director of the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Don Wright.

Click here for link to article.


The Source Vancouver Society on February 4, 2013


Vancouver society seeks help to raise money for male victims of sexual abuse By: Blanca Blandon

“Out of ignorance, many people assume that males aren’t as vulnerable or as likely to get abused in comparison to women. Aside from our facility, there are virtually no resources for men that are ready to receive help,” says the BCSMSSA founder and executive organizer, Don Wright.

Click here for link to article.


BCIT Broadcast News on January 30, 2013


According to Don Wright, founder of the BCSMSSA, many of the grants specify victims must be women or young girls. As a result, thousands of men and young boys that suffer the same abuse are left out. The Society has had to rely on donations and the help of volunteers.

Click here for link to article.


The Langley Times on January 30, 2013


Dealing with his demons By: Monique Tamminga

“Unfortunately a significant portion of our clients have not been able to maintain gainful employment due to the psychological and emotional burdens resulting from the trauma of their abuse and cannot cover the cost of their treatment,” writes society founder Don Wright.

“It is agency policy to not refuse service to any male survivor who reaches out to us in good faith. As a consequence, BCSMSSA is often in a precarious financial position.”

Click here for link to the article.


The Prince George Citizen on January 12, 2013


Charges confirmed in attack on two P.G. teens

Wright said males are sometimes sexually assaulted as an act of humiliation, and victims feel like their masculinity has been taken away.

“It’s not necessarily about sex or sexual attraction,” he said.

Click here for link to the article.


The Globe and Mail on January 11, 2013


Police charge six people over ‘disturbing’ sex attack on teen

Don Wright, founder of the Vancouver-based B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, called the case “pretty horrendous” and “pretty outrageous.”

Founded 23 years ago, the society provides therapy for males who have been sexually abused, and Mr. Wright said it was the first society of its kind in Canada.

While he knows few background details about the case, he said he’s not surprised a male was the victim because such sexual assaults are more common than people believe, especially in prisons.

Click here for link to the article.


Victims Matter (Spotlight) on May 2012


Victims Matter By: Sharlene Lange

We cannot leave them to suffer alone in their pain.” Unfortunately, this means that the BCMSSAS is constantly skating on very thin financial ice. Don further explained that, “the issue we work with does not attract much in the way of donations from the public.”

Click here for link to article.


CBC News on December 8, 2011


Scouts Canada apologizes to sex abuse victims By: Amber Hildebrandt

Don Wright, founder of the counselling service B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, says such a public apology can be “really important” for victims. “It’ll be very validating for men who have been carrying around the shame and guilt all these years,” said Wright. “And it will give them, hopefully, the impetus to finally reach out and get the help they need.”

Click here for the link to article.


Huffington Post on November 18, 2011


More Evidence Emerges On Scouts Canada ‘Confidential List’

Don Wright, founder of the counseling service B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, says even though any records would be old, they may contain information to help possible victims.

“It’s important to the victims,” said Wright. “If there are records of that in effect that back you up, it’s very validating.”

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