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Provincial Crime Victims’ Assistance Programs

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime has a great deal of information available, covering all the Provinces.

Most provinces in Canada have a compensation program for victims of crime.  These programs are meant to fund (for male survivors) therapy, for a limited time, that will enable them to recover from their trauma.  The following table summarizes their basic features:

Province Time Limit *No limitation for childhood sexual abuse (Limitations listed below pertains to domestic violence or other crimes)
Police Report Required ? Downloadable application form ?
BC 1 year No, but co-operation is. Yes.
AB 2 years Yes. Yes.
SK 1 year Yes. Yes, but need to click on ‘Forms’ and search for ‘victim’.
MB 1 year Yes. Yes.
ON 2 years No, but it would be taken into consideration. No. Call 1-800-372-7463 to request application form.
PQ 1 year Yes. No. Call 1-800-561-IVAC to request application form.
NB 1 year Yes. No. Call the regional office, as noted on their web page.
NS 1 year Yes. Yes.
NF . . Compensation program discontinued in 1993.
PE 1 year Yes. No. Call the regional office, as noted on their web page.
NU . . Compensation program not available.
YT . . Compensation program not available.
NW . . Yes, click on ‘Victims of Crime Emergency Fund’ link.
  1. In most Provinces, the Board may extend the time limit between the date of the abuse and the date of application – but you must apply for an Extension, and describe why you weren’t able to apply before the deadline.  Usually the reason is quite straightforward: you were a child at the time.

Generally speaking, the following comments apply across the country:

  • ALL provinces have a lengthy application approval process for historic sexual abuse cases.  BC’s is the shortest, averaging about 5 months.  Ontario’s is measured in years.  Every province will require a mail-based ‘conversation’ where you send them a form and they’ll mail back another form to cover-off a need for yet another piece of information.  Our Victim Service Workers can assist you if you’ll grant them the written permission.
  • MOST of the application forms are available at our Vancouver office.
  • Except for Ontario, the Offender is NOT notified of your application for compensation. In Ontario, the Offender will be contacted if there was no conviction in order to validate the facts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Victim Services Workers in our Vancouver office.

Completing your CVAP application for BC

The Crime Victim Assistance Program application can be found online here.

The form requires 3 important portions (please include it on a separate paper for more space if needed). Please include as much detail as possible.

1. Description of crime:The program needs to be able to assess probable cause of incident. If he has reported to police, he does not have to go into detail. CVAP will be able to look at the police report for any details they require. However, if he has not reported, he should include the following in this section:

Date of incident/incidences of crime (you can use month or year if you're not sure of the exact date)

What was the relationship between you and the perpertrator?

Where did the crime occur: city/town (Also specify: house, car, school)

Under what circumstances brought the perpetrator and yourself together (e.g. perpetrator was babysitting the victim or was tutoring the victim etc.)?

What was the exact crime that occurred? Physical or sexual assault (please describe in detail what the perpetrator did)

Did you seek medical care after the incident?

Did you tell anyone after the incident occurred? (parent, friend, counselor etc.)

2. If it wasn't reported to police, why did the victim not report?

 Possible reasons may include: age, position of power (perpetrator), scared etc.

3. Effects of the crime: physical, emotional, occupational, relational, addiction etc.(CVAP uses this information to assess the probable amount of counselling sessions needed to help clients with these issues). Think about any kind of impact the crime has had on different areas of your life.

If there is substance use due to the trauma of the crime, you can also include that.
If the crime has effected your day to day ability to function, please also describe how.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the form. If you would like to come into our Vancouver office to complete the form please call us to make an appointment (604-682-6482).

*Please note that CVAP is quoting a period of 6-12 months for a response on approval or denial.

If you need additional help please contact our Victim Services Office to schedule an appointment with a Victim Services Worker 604-682-6482.


If you are feeling triggered by the application, please contact your counsellor or call the crisis line.


Crisis Line: 604-872-3311

Crime Victims Assistance Program: 604-660-3888.