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Should I participate in individual or group therapy?

Many of our clients wonder which form of therapy would benefit them. At BCSMSSA, we offer both group and individual counselling. We often advise client get at least a few individual sessions under their belt before moving onto group therapy. This is because individual therapy allows you to focus on your key issues one on one with a counsellor and clarify your priorities before joining a group. In a group setting, you may not always have the opportunity to delve into your issue the way you want to simply because of time constraints and the amount of people in group that would like an opportunity to speak. Group therapy does allow you to expand your network of support by connecting with others who may have experienced something similar to you. Clients who are also doing better sometimes terminate individual therapy and move into a group setting. This can be extremely helpful for the members in terms of sharing some positive aspects that have helped them in recovery. It also gives them a sense of community, whereas they may have felt alone and isolated by their abuse history.

If you’re interested in group therapy at BCSMSSA, please email us at victimservices@bc-malesurvivors.com

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