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BCSMSSA Turns 25!

October 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of BCSMSSA’s commitment to helping men who have suffered trauma due to sexual abuse.

A message from the Executive Director:

In the fall of 1989, I set up the Victoria Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Society.  In Spring of 1990, with the assistance of our current
Chair of the Board, Stephanie Tofield, I established the Vancouver Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.  At that time the two agencies consisted of me and an answering machine in the two cities and me commuting every week between the two.  Since then the two original agencies have amalgamated to become B. C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and has grown to a much larger agency, with five locations, spanning three Health Authorities.  Our staff has grown from me working alone to two Victim Services workers, twelve therapist and three to four practicum students who have come to us from universities in eight countries.  Our growth reflects the dedication of a highly skill professional staff, a supportive board of directors and valued funders.  It also and more importantly reflects the importance of this service to the upwards of 25% of the male population who are living with the deeply devastating impact of their victimization.

We are grateful for all of the people, compensation programs and government branches that have support us, but we are mostly
grateful for the courage and commitment of our clients who have engaged in a difficult, often painful process of recovery.  We extend
our love to all of you.

With deep respect,
Don Wright M.Ed., R.C.C.
Founder/Executive Director


We celebrated our 25th anniversary with those who have supported us through the years. Here’s a look at our celebration:


























































A big thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate! Special thanks to our board members for their continual support and contribution to this event.

To many more years to come!



One comment

  1. Congratulations Don, and all involved from almost pitching a tent in Stanley Park to achieving 25 years of giving support, and aid to men that needed to be respected, understood, and recognized.

    I saw how times were tough for us men many years ago to establish the recognition, and funding needed to obtain government support distinctly designed for men to deal with the marginalization’s, and astigmatisms incurred by being a male forced into the burdens of dealing with childhood abuse at a time when we men had to go to female organizations to seek any assistance for help that at the time was poorly structured to deal with our distinct special needs, ans extremely shame based.

    The BCSMSSA, and you Don, brought many of us together to fight for what we needed, and many thanks to you for keeping up the great fight.

    I saw the commercials for your celebrations in Victoria on tv, and I wanted to attend, but times are still tough for me, and I couldn’t make it as desired, but my best thoughts were with you all.

    Many Thanks, and Respects.
    Jim Nagy.

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