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Funding your Therapy

While the Society is a non-profit organization, it still has overhead: the therapists’ salary, office space, etc.  As a result, there is a charge for therapy.

Fees for therapy:

Individual sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor:  $85 per hour.

Group sessions: $35 per week – with a commitment that you’ll attend all sessions in that round.

Master’s level practicum student (supervised by a registered clinical counsellor): $45 per hour

Accepted payment methods: Cash or cheque. We also accept employment benefits. Please check with your insurance provider to ensure that they cover Registered Clinical Counsellors.

For those who qualify, funding may be available through:

  • the provincial government where the abuse occurred.  Most provinces have a Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP), each with it’s own qualifying criteria.  Our Victim Services Workers are available to help you apply.
  • in BC by the Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP) which is administered by the regional Health Authority where the survivor now resides.  Our Victim Services Workers are available to help you apply.
  • the survivor’s (or spouse’s) EAP or extended health coverage. Note that these plans will typically only support psychologists or social workers – the Society’s therapists are Clinical Counsellors.  As each employer’s plan is unique, it is up to the employee to verify their ability to submit claims to their plan.
  • others may qualify for therapy on a sliding scale basis, with therapy to be provided by one of our Practicum Students (supervised by a Therapist).  Note that there is a waiting list for this service.