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How will therapy help me?

These are some of the most common questions from our clients in terms of therapy: Will therapy actually help me? If so, how does it work? How long will I have to be in therapy? How will I know when I no longer need therapy? Theses are all complex questions, and answers that can vary depending on a particular individual’s issue and approach to therapy.

Therapy alone might not always work for everyone. Often, clients who struggle with multiple mental health issues might benefit from a range of services such as seeing a psychiatrist for medical support while in therapy with a counsellor. Perhaps one of the most important factors is a client’s willingness to work through the issue. For individuals who struggle with substance abuse, therapy can be difficult when their attention span or ability to do the work in therapy is clouded by addiction issues that stresses their physical and mental acuity. They may, then, benefit from working concurrently with an addictions counsellor.

As for duration of therapy, this can also vary with each client. Treatment techniques such as solution focused therapy often narrows the client’s focus on addressing specific problems and finding solutions for them. This technique could be limited to a time frame of 3-6 months. However, in terms of treating chronic long term issues that require extra attention and care, the duration could range from 18 months upwards to years.

There is no magic in therapy or a wand that will solve your problems. We often describe the process as the therapist being the guide and the client a hiker. The hiker chooses the path he would like to take while a therapist helps him see potential dangers or acknowledge good progress. Creating a support system with a therapist can help some client in clearly identifying their goals and provide the encouragement needed on the path to recovery. Therapists may also help clients with new techniques and alternative ways of thinking that are healthy for the individual.

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