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Safety tips for domestic violence

Deciding whether to leave a violent relationship may be a difficult decision for some, while others who’ve made the decision, struggle with how they can actually leave. Often times, victims of domestic violence are tied to their partner in some ways such as: financially, emotionally or threats if he/she leaves. Some people are also reluctant to leave for fear that there will be negative consequences for their children if he/she leaves. Thinking about these issues in advance may make the decision easier and may curtail some possible negative consequences.

Whether you’re ready to leave or if you’re contemplating, we recommend that you have a safety bag packed for emergency situations where you fear for your safety and need to leave the premises quickly.

In your emergency bag, include:


-identification (copies of : driver’s license, birth certificate, SIN, Care Card);

-passport (or copy of it);


-emergency contacts;

-photo (of yourself, your children and also your partner);

-bank account information;

-medications or health records.

You can also:

-start a separate bank account;

-reach out to others via internet, community workers, crisis line helper;

-create a plan: as to where will you go, who will you contact and how you can ensure your safety;

-know your options: protection orders, peace bonds etc.;

-keep a diary: record all incidences (date and what occurred). If you have sustained an injury but did not go to the hospital, take photos on your phone of your injuries and email it your account that your partner does not have excess to;

-tell somebody: find a person that you can trust and let them know of your emergency plan if you can;

-if you are in an altercation: make as much noise as you can. This will alert others that you are in crisis;

-if you ever feel like you are in imminent danger, call 9-1-1.

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