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April 9th-10th, 2014- Our executive director Don Wright will be in Kelowna BC for his next speaking engagement.

Founder Don Wright on Co-op radio December 12, 2013

I was recently invited to be interviewed on Co-op radio to talk about BCSMSSA and the issue that male survivors face.  The interview was on December 12th on a program called Fruit Salad.  Skyy, the host of that show, is a well informed and strong supporter of this agency and of male survivors’ issues.This was my second interview with Skyy and most likely not the last.  Thank you Skyy. -Don Wright, Founder and Executive Director.

To listen, click here or the Co-op radio icon below and select December 12.


Don Wright, the Founder & Executive Director of BCSMSSA is available to attend your conference as a speaker on the topic of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Don can speak on a wide variety of sub-topics and can discuss customizing his presentation to suit your conference.  At a high-level, the most-frequently-covered points are:

  • misconceptions about male sexual abuse,
  • reasons for survivors to seek treatment, and
  • the typical problems, or symptoms, experienced by survivors.

To request Don attend your conference, please send us an email.