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What is social support?

Social support is your network of relationships whom you can count on, when in need. They can come from sources such as: family, friends, co-workers, intimate relationships and even acquaintances. While having social support is key, be aware that quality outweighs quantity. However, having only one person as your entire social network can be extremely exhausting for that person and he/she may not be available when you need them most. Be choosy whom you include in your social network. Try to include people you have things in common with. Areas could include everything from values to extracurricular activities. They should also be people who have shown a willingness to be supportive before you actually need that support. It may also be wise to think about the nature of support each of those people are able to provide, ie. transportation, an emergency place to stay, a short term loan, advise or simply a good listener.

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